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Alicia Fox vs Tamina

Alicia Fox waits in the ring as her opponent Tamina Snuka makes her way out to new theme music. A side video airs of Tamina talking about AJ Lee not knowing her place. Tamina says this match is a warning not to mess with Vickie again. Fox strikes first and takes Tamina to the corner, putting the boots to her. Tamina turns it around and rams Alicia back in the corner. Tamina with a big clothesline and more offense. Tamina hits a clothesline to the back of the head. Alicia tries for a small package but has no luck. Tamina with another clothesline. Tamina scoops Alicia for a big Samoan Drop and then goes up top for the Superfly Splash. Tamina covers for the win.

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Victoria Elizabeth Crawford
born June 30th 1986 in Ponte Vedra, Florida. An American model and professional wrestler. She works for WWE under the ring name Alicia Fox. Fox is a one-time WWE Divas Champion, having won the title at Fatal 4-Way in June 2010, holding the title until August 2010.
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